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Buyer Specialist and New Home Specialist

      " Andrew Robinson, has lived in the Central Florida area for over 9 years as a real estate  professional, since moving from New York. Mr Robinson migrated from Jamaica and settled in the Miami area, before attending Florida A&M University to complete his under graduate degree. While at school in Tallahassee he developed an strong interest in Finance and successfully completed an internship with Bankers Trust in New York. The visit to New York, the energy and activity in the financial district caused him to relocate after finishing college to work for Citibank as an analyst. Over the ext few years while at Citibank he transferred into their Investment Banking division, Smith Barney, where he structured and syndicating leveraged loans and bonds. After spending 10 years in banking, and reassessing his personal goals, Andrew relocated to Central Florida, putting him closer to family and also experience and different lifestyle. Living in Orlando allows him easy access to South FLorida and Tampa where family and friends are located. Over the past several years, Andrew has also developed his entrepreneurial spirit, investing in a clothing store in New York and a Fedex franchise in South FLorida. Andrew's experiences and studies has resulted highly developed knowledge of financial and real estate transactions, private banking and luxury transactions. He is equipped to guide his clients through every stage of buying and selling all types of residential homes, from first-time residences to large investment properties. Andrew's past clients have expressed strong confidence in his knowledge and industry expertise and feels he has their best interest foremost. Several clients have bought properties without viewing them prior to closing and have been fully satisfied with their purchase. Orlando's growing business climate also allows him many opportunities to expand and try new endeavors.  "